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  pallino Appetizers pallino 


Traditional baked parmigiana, with sliced aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grated cheese and basil 10


Traditional fritters with organic chickpea flour, parsley, cured ricotta cheese and mint dressing 7.5


Traditional sweet and sour vegetable mix, with fried aubergines, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, onion, green olives, pine nuts and tomato paste 7.5

Frisella e stracciatella

Frisella bread with stracciatella cheese, served with diced tomatoes 9.5

Tris di tartarine

Trio of horse tartare (raw meat), served with caperberries, cured ricotta cheese and pistachio flakes 10

Crocchette di melanzane

Breaded and fried croquettes with aubergines, bechamél, garlic and parsley 7.5

  pallino First courses pallino 
# Internally produced pasta with drum wheat grown in Italy

Paccheri neri

Black Paccheri# pasta with cuttlefish ink, served with swordfish and cherry tomato sauce 15

Anelletti alla palermitana

Baked anelletti pasta, with meat sauce, bechamél, grated cheese and boiled egg 13

Monti iblei

Paccheri# pasta with pistachio and sicilian almond cream, served with stracciatella and prawn tartare (raw fish) 16


Semi-whole Busiate# pasta with Sicilian almond, dried tomato, grated cheese and basil cream 13


Strozzapreti# pasta with tomato sauce, fried aubergines and cured ricotta cheese 11

  pallino Second courses pallino 

Trancetto di spada

Swordfish slices with citrus-flavoured Sicilian breading, served with zucchini cream and salad 18.5

Tartare di tonno

Tuna tartare (raw fish) on yellow cherry tomato cream, served with sesame seed wafer, citrus-flavoured ricotta cheese and asparagus 17.5

Bombette pugliesi

Apulian meat rolls, with capocollo (pork meat), Italian bacon, caciocavallo cheese and chopped parsley and garlic, served with potato mille-feuille, arugula and cherry tomatoes 17

Polpette al sugo

Horse meatballs with milk-soaked bread, eggs, fennel seeds, garlic and parsley, stewed in tomato sauce 16


Fresh burrata cheese served with pistachio flakes, cherry tomatoes and basil 12

  pallino Side dishes pallino 

Millefoglie di patate

Potato mille-feuille, flavoured with butter and fried 6.5

Insalata di arance

Orange, fennel and caper salad, seasoned with citrus citronette 6.5

  pallino Desserts pallino 


Traditional baba au rhum, filled with pastry cream and candied orange peel 5

Cannolo scomposto

Cup with sweet ricotta cheese, chocolate and pistachio flakes and crushed cannolo biscuit 5.5

Granita al limone

Sicilian Granita with organic lemon juice and peel (Lemon from Siracusa PGI) 4


Sicilian almond pudding, served with pistachio and almond flakes 5.5

Sicilia - Campania

Trio of dessert from southern Italy: mini “babà”, mini “cassatina” and “cannolicchio” 7.5

Tortino alla vaniglia

Pan di Spagna farcito di bavarese alla vaniglia, guarnito con coulis di lamponi e granella di pistacchio 6