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Prices in Euro. Some raw materials can be frozen at the origin or in situ through blast chiller

Charge for service: 2,50 Euro

  pallino Appetizers pallino 


Traditional fritters with chickpea flour, parsley, cured ricotta cheese and mint dressing 7

Fiori di zucca ripieni

Deep-fried battered pumpkin flower filled with fresh ricotta cheese and chives 7.5

Parmigiana rinforzata

Traditional baked parmigiana, with sliced aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham and sliced boiled eggs 10

Gattò al ragù

Baked potato pie filled with mozzarella cheese and meat and peas ragu 8

Crocchette di melanzane e ricotta

Deep-fried croquette with baked aubergines, fresh ricotta cheese, grated cheese, parsley and mint, served with tomato sauce 8

Peperone ripieno

Traditional sweet pepper filled with bread crumbs, diced fresh tomatoes, grated cheese, garlic, parsley, served with arugula 7.5

  pallino First courses pallino 

Trapanese con spada

Tortiglioni pasta with trapanese pesto (almond, basil, garlic, fresh tomatoes and cheese) and swordfish cubes 10

Conchiglioni al pistacchio

Baked conchiglioni pasta filled with fresh ricotta cheese and pistachio, served with potato and leek cream and pistachio flakes 12

Pasta con le sarde

Linguine pasta with sardines sauce, with raisins, pine nuts, wild fennel leaves, tomato paste and roasted bread crumbs 13


Rigatoni with tomato sauce, fried aubergines and cured ricotta cheese 10

Anelletti CT-PA

Baked anelletti pasta with white horsemeat ragu bechamel sause, grated cheese and saffron 11

  pallino Second courses pallino 

Calamari ripieni

Stewed calamari filled with bread, olives, anchovies, capers, served with tomato 15

Involtini palermitani

Beef rolls with grated cheese, bread crumbs, stewed onion, pine nuts and raisin, served with red and yellow cherry tomatoes 14

Involtini di spada

Traditional swordfish rolls filled with mozzarella cheese, citrus-flavoured bread crumbs and diced fresh tomatoes, served with sliced fennel 16.5

Via Plebiscito

Horse tartare (raw meat) flavoured with dried-tomato pâté, ground capers and basil-flavoured extra-virgin olive oil, served with arugula and Jerusalem artichoke chips 14


Fresh burrata cheese served with Sardinian flatbread, dried tomatoes and olives 12

  pallino Side dishes pallino 


Traditional sweet and sour vegetable mix, with fried aubergines, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, onion, green olives, pine nuts and tomato paste 6.5

Zucchine a scapece

Fried zucchini, flavoured with garlic, mint and vinegar 5.5

  pallino Desserts pallino 

Cannolo scomposto

Cup with sweet ricotta cheese, pistachio and chocolate flakes and crushed cannolo biscuit 5


Sicilian almond pudding, served with red currant, almond and pistachio flakes 5

Sicilia-Puglia 2 a 1

Trio of dessert from southern Italy: “pasticciotto” filled with pastry cream, mini “cassatina” and “cannolicchio” 8

  pallino Beers pallino 



Lager 3 | 5

  pallino Wines pallino 

Sparkling wines

Prosecco Extra-Dry

Lamberti 5 | 21

White wines


Kebrilla – Cantine Fina 6 | 26

Falanghina Beneventano

F.lli Urciuolo 5,5 | 23

Red wines


Gilusìa – Rapitalà 4,5 | 19

Nero d'Avola BIO

Cantine Fina 6 | 25


Pilùna – Castello Monaci 5,5 | 23

Rosé wines


Terre siciliane – Rapitalà 5 | 21

  pallino Drinks pallino 

Acqua 0,5 cl

Sparkling 1.5

Bibite polara

Red orange, Chinotto, Lemonade, cola 2.5


Caffè 1
Cappuccino 1,3
Decaffeinato 1,2
Marocchino 1,2
Caffè corretto 1,5
Caffè d’orzo 1,2
Ginseng 1,2
Tè 1,5