pallino  Appetizers  pallino 


Traditional baked parmigiana, with fried aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grated cheese and basil, served with cured ricotta cheese  12

Panelle e stracciatella

Traditional chickpea flour and parsley fritters, Served with stracciatella cheese and pistachio flakes  11

Fiori di zucca

Buttered and fried pumpkin flower, filled with sheep ricotta cheese and dry tomato  11


Traditional sweet and sour vegetable mix, with fried aubergines, carrots, celery, bell peppers, onion, pine nuts and tomato paste, served with flat Sardinian bread and mint-flavoured oil  10

Pallotte cacio e ova

Bread balls with primosale cheese, eggs and parsley, stewed in tomato sauce  10

Via Plebiscito

Horse meat tartare (250g of raw meat) with citrus-flavoured primosale cheese fondue, Jerusalem-artichoke chips and basil-flavoured oil  13

  pallino  First courses  pallino 

Nerano sbagliata

Squared spaghetti pasta with fried zucchini, caciocavallo cheese, basil and grana cheese  13

Patate e guanciale

Pasta (mixed shapes) with potato cream, smoked provola cheese, tomato paste and jowl bacon  12

Ghiotta di spada

Home-made Fusilli pasta with cherry tomato sauce, swordfish, olives and capers  15

Monti iblei

Home-made paccheri pasta with pistachio and sicilian almond cream, served with stracciatella cheese  15

Ziti alla genovese

Ziti pasta with beef and onion ragout, saute├ęd with grated cheese  14


Home-made rigatoni pasta with tomato sauce, fried aubergines and cured ricotta cheese  13

Insalata di Cesare

Salad with lettuce, chicken upper thigh, dried tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, Dijon mustard, bread croutons, grana cheese and almond flakes 

  pallino  Second courses  pallino 

Sciabola in pastella

Buttered and fried beltfish, served with souteed agretti with garlic and chili pepper, and home-made avocado mayo  17

Bombette di Martina Franca

Pork meat rolls filled with capocollo and Caciocavallo cheese, served with spiced and baked potatoes, arugula and cherry tomatoes  16

Polpette al sugo

Beef meat balls, with grated cheese, garlic, parsley, eggs and breadcrumb, stewed in tomato sauce  16

  pallino  Desserts  pallino 

Tortino al cioccolato

Dark chocolate mousse cake, with cocoa sponge cake, red orange jelly and pistachio flakes  6

Cannolo scomposto

Cup with sweet ricotta cheese, chocolate and pistachio flakes and crushed cannolo biscuit  6

Budino al pistacchio

Pistachio pudding, served with raspberry sauce and pistachio and almond flakes  6